Tubtrugs Scoopour

Tubtrugs Scoopour

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Red Gorilla Tubtrug Scoopour.

The Scoopour™ is a useful scoop and measuring jug that can be used at home and on the yard. Featuring a comfortable grip handle, inside markings, measuring volume and flat base.

Made from food grade, non toxic plastic, the Scoopour™ is ideal for making up horse feeds and using in food preparation.

• Colour match with Tubtrugs® range
• 100% Food grade
• Safe for children and pets
• Lightweight design
• UV ray resistant
• Frost resistant

Great for:
• Kitchen measuring jug
• Horse Feed
• Gardening
• Pet care
• Children
• Schools

• Width: 14cm
• Height: 21.5cm
• Diameter: 26cm
• Capacity: 1.5 litres
• Weight: 0.2kg

Holds 1.1kg horse and pony cubes and 0.9kg mix

Available colours:
Pink, Pistachio, Purple, Sky Blue, Translucent.