Kevlar No-Turn Over Reach Boots

Kevlar No-Turn Over Reach Boots

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High performance over reach boots with an added Kevlar strike pad to protect against overreaching and knocks.

Kevlar is a man-made fibre which is stronger than steel. Bonded to our microfiber leather it creates an extremely tough, abrasive and resistant finish which helps maximise protection. Anti-rotational design helps stop these boots from spinning and keeps them in the right position whilst competing and training. Ideal over reach boots for any equestrian discipline.

Over Reach Boot Key features...

  • Microfiber leather outer

  • Kevlar strike protection

  • Inner ultra-shock lining

  • Incorporates soft no-turn nodule which prevents the boots from spinning

  • High density double locking straps

  • Secure fit

  • Maximum protection

  • Quick and easy to fit

  • Sold in pairs